Nos studio gunman is 19-year-old Delft chemistry student

Nos studio gunman is 19-year-old Delft chemistry student

The young man who forced his way into the headquarters of Dutch public broadcaster Nos on Thursday evening is a 19-year-old youth from Pijnacker, close to Delft, the public prosecution department told a news conference. The youth, who gave himself up when ordered to by police, had demanded access to airtime. He has been named on social media as Tarik Zahzah and according to unconfirmed reports is a student of chemistry at Delft University of Technology. The Nos studios were evacuated for several hours as police searched the building after the youngster was overpowered. The actual incident lasted around 10 minutes. [banner] Footage broadcast after the incident was over shows the teenager in glasses and a suit pacing and talking to a security guard. ‘There are major world affairs which we want to bring to the public,’ he is heard to say. ‘We have been hired in by the security services. There we have heard things which call society into question.’ Weapon At a certain point the man noticed the police who shouted at him to drop his weapon. The man did this almost immediately. He then lay on the ground, as instructed, and was handcuffed. RTL news showed pictures of the letter the intruder had given the security guard who escorted him to the studios. In it Zahzah claims 98 hackers are poised to launch a cyber attack and that eight bombs containing radioactive material have been placed around the country. The youth is now being held at Hilversum police station for questioning. According to BNR radio, the youth's home is also being searched. Several fellow students have been speaking about ZahZah in the Dutch media. One describes him as a 'quiet intelligent boy'. Another said he had not been seen for around four weeks.  More >

Diamond thieves switch stone for fake

Amsterdam diamond thieves switch €175,000 stone for a fake Two men used a simple switch to steal a €175,000 diamond from the Gassan Diamonds showroom in Amsterdam, police said. The two managed to swap the real gem for a fake made of zircon while looking at the stones earlier this month. Gassan spokesman Benno Leeser said the men had planned the theft very professionally and had visited the shop the day before to check out which zircon they needed to bring to make the swap. [banner] ‘One chatted to staff to distract them while the other made the switch,’ Leeser said told the Parool. Police have now distributed security camera footage of the two in the hope someone recognises them. The men, both of Asian appearance, spoke English and Chinese and may be staying in a city hotel, police said. According to the Parool, Gassan Diamonds has since suspended a member of staff.  More >

Three arrested for FC Utrecht robbery

Three arrested for Utrecht football club armed robbery Three people have been arrested in connection with an armed robbery on the offices of Eredivise football club FC Utrecht on Monday night. The investigation is in full swing and no details about the arrests are being released, a police spokesman told news agency ANP. During the robbery, a club official was threatened by 'a weapon' and forced to open the safe. According to media reports, one person had forced their way into the offices. [banner] Some reports say up to €100,000 in cash was in the safe, but the club has declined to comment. However, club director Wilco van Schaik said the robbery was a ‘major blow’ to the club, which has been struggling financially. ‘We are well on the way to becoming financially healthy and if money is taken away from you like this, it is a real blow,' he said earlier this week. 'No matter how much money was involved, every euro counts for FC Utrecht.’  More >

Dutch babies laugh more than US infants

Nos studio gunman is 19-year-old Delft chemistry student Dutch babies laugh, smile and like to cuddle more than their American counterparts, new research by psychologists in the US has found. The study examining temperamental differences between US and Dutch babies found infants born in the Netherlands are more likely to be happy and easier to soothe in the latter half of their first year, the Washington State University researchers said. US infants, on the other hand, were more active and vocal, said study co-author Maria Gartstein in a press release. [banner] The results in many ways reflect American and Dutch parents' unique cultural values, the researchers said. American parents often ‘emphasise the importance of stimulation, exposing their children to a wide variety of new experiences to promote independence’. However, in the Netherlands, parents ‘are more likely to incorporate children into daily activities at home, placing strong value on the importance of rest and regularity’. A greater understanding of these values and the impact they have on an infant's temperament will help psychologists fine-tune ways to prevent infant temperament issues from becoming behavioral problems later in life, the researchers said. More on this  More >

Amsterdam fifth in safe city ranking

Nos studio gunman is 19-year-old Delft chemistry student Amsterdam is the fifth safest capital in a ranking of 50 cities included in The Economist’s latest Safe Cities Index. Tokyo heads the list, followed by Singapore, Osaka and Stockholm. Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia, is at the bottom. The survey is based on an analysis of 50 cities and looks at digital safety, health, the infrastructure and personal safety. Amsterdam’s worst performance – 17th place - was in terms of digital security, which looked at issues like the presence of cyber security teams and identity theft. [banner] Amsterdam did not feature in the top 10 in terms of health security either. However, the Dutch capital was fourth in terms of the safety of its infrastructure, including transport, and ninth in terms of personal safety. The overall Amsterdam ranking put the city just ahead of Sydney and Zurich.  More >