'Miracle' teenager revived after drowning despite being pronounced dead

‘Miracle’ teenager revived after drowning despite being pronounced dead

Medics and rescue workers have described how a 15-year-old boy was brought back from the dead after he was feared drowned at sea. The teenager got into difficulty while he was swimming with his brother and a friend in Egmond aan Zee, RTL Nieuws reported. Ambulance crews dashed to the scene but were unable to restart his heart and declared him dead at the scene. His lifeless body was taken to hospital in Alkmaar, where staff made a final, seemingly hopeless attempt to revive him. A spokesman for the emergency services said the boy's parents had been told he was dead. 'The police also received official notification, at which point we confirmed his death publicly, on Twitter among other places. But a remarkable last attempt brought the boy back to life.' Privacy rules prevent the hospital specifying what staff did to revive the boy, who remains critically ill in hospital in Amsterdam. Rescue worker Shannon van Beek, who was on the scene, said the incident was 'a miracle'. 'We've never seen anything like this before,' she told RTL Nieuws. 'Two of the three boys managed to swim back to shore unaided, but the 15-year-old couldn't manage it. We brought him to the beach and started trying to reanimate him straight away. He was taken to the hospital in Alkmaar by ambulance while staff continually tried to reanimate him.'  More >

Dutch-Turkish businesses report threats

‘Miracle’ teenager revived after drowning despite being pronounced dead Dozens of members of the Dutch Turkish community have reported being threatened or intimidated in the wake of the failed coup in Turkey earlier this month. Businesspeople associated with exiled opposition leader Fethullah Gülen, or accused of supporting him, have filed official police complaints, the Parool newspaper reported. The Dutch government last week called for Dutch Turks who had been targeted to contact the police. Ali Topal, co-owner of the Meram restaurant chain, said his business had been put on a 'boycott list' of companies which has been circulated on social media. He asked police to investigate who is responsible for the document. 'We have been linked to a terrorist group,' he told the Parool. Tensions within the expat community have risen following the failed attempt by a section of Turkey's armed forces to depose the government of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on July 15. At least 246 people were killed and around 2000 were injured. Tens of thousands of people including servicemen, police officers, judges, teachers and journalists, have been arrested or removed from their jobs in the last two weeks. Human rights organisations say some detainees have been tortured and left without food or water for days. Erdogan's government blamed Gülen for instigating the coup, but the Pennsylvania-based Muslim cleric has denied any involvement.  More >

Bus driver sacked for playing Pokemon Go

‘Miracle’ teenager revived after drowning despite being pronounced dead A bus driver has been sacked after passengers filmed him playing Pokemon Go behind the wheel. Images of the driver playing the mobile phone-based game went viral after they were shared on social media on Monday. The bus was a rail replacement service between Leiden and Alphen aan den Rijn, where the town's train station is closed. A spokesman for bus operator Ringelberg Tours confirmed that the driver had been dismissed. 'The work situation had become difficult,' he told local news network Omroep West. 'It wouldn't be ideal if future passengers saw him at the wheel. We are working on a plan for his future, but it won't be with us.' Earlier national rail operator NS, which hired Ringelberg Tours to run the replacement buses, had urged the company to take 'appropriate measures' in response to the video.   More >

Man 'tried to recruit refugees for IS'

‘Miracle’ teenager revived after drowning despite being pronounced dead A man has appeared in court accused of trying to recruit jihadists for IS in a Dutch asylum seekers' centre. The Moroccan man was arrested in April at the refugee centre in Echt, the Telegraaf reported. He is alleged to have shown videos to other residents and urged them to join the Islamist movement. The district court in Roermond, Limburg was told the man had been in the Netherlands for a few weeks when he was arrested. He had previously been refused asylum in Germany. The man is currently detained in Vught prison. His lawyer and the public prosecutor declined to comment further.   More >

Utrecht prostitutes fear high rents

‘Miracle’ teenager revived after drowning despite being pronounced dead Prostitutes in Utrecht are concerned that rooms in the city’s new red light zone will be too expensive for them to rent, the Volkskrant said on Thursday. The council is keen to cover all the costs it has made since the old zone was closed down in 2013 because of human trafficking concerns and that means rents on the new rooms are likely to be higher, the paper says. The contract to build the new zone was won by building company BeJa, which is now in discussions with various parties which want to run the brothels. Rents have not yet been determined, but according to the Volkskrant, BeJa offered the council more than the annual ground rent of €635,000 for the site. That fee will now be passed on to the prostitutes in the form of part of their rent for a room, the paper says. The annual ground rent fee covers the cost of closing the old district, drawing up the plans and managing the district. State support Mayor Jan van Zanen has admitted that the high bid played a role in awarding the contract to BeJa. ‘We had to put the contract out to tender because otherwise it could have been considered illegal state support, according to our legal team,’ he said However, Van Zanen says he cannot guarantee that the rent will not be higher than in the old district, where women paid €540 per week for half days. ‘But we are making sure the builder and the brothel managers don’t go for high margins, which will make the rent too expensive. Then they won’t get a licence,’ he said. The new district will have 162 prostitution rooms and brothel managers will be able to run up to 32 rooms each.  More >